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more than yoga on the mat
outdoor tadasana

Looking for
Warsaw yoga in English?

You're in the right place.


Adjusted to your unique needs,

co-created by those who practise.

My offering



Own your time

and practise from wherever!


With a constantly updated library

of sessions, I bring you two things:

Rest & Joy




Living in Warsaw?

Want to be part of our community?

Join other expats for a group session

or experience a fully

personalized approach if you come

for a  private session




Need a holistic approach

to your health and wellbeing?


Whether your physical, mental or emotional health needs care,

in private Yoga Therapy sessions

I meet you where you are

As an experienced yoga teacher, movement enthusiast and

yoga therapist in training,

I will help you go from

mindlessly repeating flows

to having a safe + forever evolving personal practice.

Because you are your best teacher.

Triangle variation - Gosh


Having spent 15 years
in international non-profit spaces,
I now specialize in 
providing a safe haven
to Warsaw expats

 My goal is to make all sessions inclusive, 

 accessible and adjusted to YOUR needs. 

 Join us in English, Spanish or Polish 

 You'll fit right in! 

Wondering if it's worth it?

Diogo, Portugal

Gosh is an amazing human being and the level of dedication she puts into building this community is truly admirable.


I feel that she really cares for the people she is teaching not only during
the class.

Even before and after it, asking us how we felt and what are our expectations.


Yoga with Gosh doesn't end in the yoga room and that is what makes her unique.

I can't recommend it enough!

Andrew, UK

Gosia marries the physical practise with the mental reflections that help you stay in the moment.

She takes the time to speak with each participant to assess their needs, and understand where she can inspire her students and push them to grow. She has a flowing, gentle voice which I find helps you stay in the zone during the practice.

I started as a complete beginner and through her teaching I've grown more confident in my ability, applying myself to more advanced positions, and really understanding the limits of my own flexibility whilst enjoying the classes she provides.

Assel, Kazakhstan

From the first class Gosh explained and


helped me learn
how to breath correctly and be conscious about every movement.


It was so important for me: not just repeating the movements but also listening to my body. 
She communicates so well and makes you feel very comfortable. She is an amazing, dedicated yoga teacher.


I’ve been practicing yoga with Gosh for a while and I can definitely observe noticeable differences in my body – I gained so much flexibility and strength! I highly recommend GOJA YOGA to anyone who wants an amazing yoga experience!

Anna, Austria

Gosia's attitude towards yoga is super motivating. I can only recommend joining her live classes, because she will make you feel welcome, comfortable and like you're more than enough.

She also gives inclusive instructions and is always able to give uplifting comments


when I feel like I'm "failing" at something.


Her radiant energy is truly contagious - I always leave her classes feeling energized, loved and loving.


About Gosh (she/her)


I like to say that what I teach is

a practice of becoming your own

yoga teacher.

I'm an expert in coming up

with the weirdest movements!


I love moving my body. But I know I need stillness.

I love speaking and sharing. But I know I need silence.

It's a constant play of balance, like yin and yang.

I will share with you all I know about

yogic philosophy in everyday life.

It's a practice on and off the mat. A real ride.

Hop on my bike, we're in a tandem! 🚴🏽‍♂️

Ready to join?


Try for FREE

Then join the rest of us!

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