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hey you,
nice to meet you

Gosh in orange pants and pink shirt in a self hug while doing a low lunge

I created GOJA yoga because I lacked a yoga space focused on community,

rather than individualism.



I will support you in bettering your health and wellbeing

on and off the mat.


My name is Gosia Jaroń (hence GOJA yoga)

but friends call me Gosh so please do so, too.

I mean... let's be friends? :)

I am a strong believer that each person can do some good in the world. I also think that the world is malleable and if we act on our hopes, we can create a change we wish to see in it.

That is why I started GOJA yoga.

I know you and I can be part of a bigger change to help us all lead more just, joyful and rested lives.

If I wasn't a yoga teacher, I'd be a professional dissector

of plant-based foods... That should be a thing! Food is my biggest passion alongside yoga, and I enjoy filming and photographing life while developing plant-based recipes to feed the mind and soul.

I put a lot of effort into making GOJA yoga develop on the principles of social justiceI value and honour the traditions of yoga, while simultaneously including modern advances in neuroscience and biomechanics to constantly learn and improve every session I host.


Want free yoga education?


Or maybe early bird offers to my workshops and retreats?

Yeee that's nice. What's also nice is that with my newsletter,

you'll learn how to implement yoga off the mat

in your everyday life.

Gosh arms up

You cannot teach a person anything.
You can only help them to find it within themselves.

~ Galileo

Why practise with me?

Third Warrior but make it

My journey with yoga started 10 years ago. It took me maybe half of that time to realize how rich this practice is,

and in what ways it goes beyond a yoga mat.

I will help you save those years.

Here you'll learn how to

yoga OFF the mat :)

I've always loved movement and have been away from dogmatic approaches in most of my education. That is what led me to explore how traditional Asana needs to be adjusted to each person's needs. Typical flows never fit everyone!

In GOJA YOGA we go outside of the 4 corners of a yoga mat, and approach practices with curiosity like one would in Movement with Fighting Monkey.


I aim to leave you curious and engaged,

not blindly believing every word I say.

My formal training:

  • Yoga Therapy Greece (2023-2025)
    Currently in training to become a Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

  • Z-Health Essentials of Elite Performance (2022-now)
    Neurocentric approach to rehabilitation,
    pain relief and performance enhancement


  • Vinyasa Yoga Academy (2020)
    200H Yoga Teacher Training

  • Countless trainings and webinars on movement,
    anatomy in yoga, yoga through the lens of social justice


This picture is me practising an exercise from Z-Health 💪🏾

Colorful feet in socks on a yoga mat during a yoga class

My philosophy is to practise what I preach, and that is why we focus on feeling, asking questions, and experiencing each moment...


as well as finding joy and rest in everyday life.

I'll be honoured to help you feel
more joyful and rested.​ Ready?

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