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My name is Gosia Jaroń (hence GOJA yoga) but friends

call me Gosh so please do so, too. I mean... let's be friends? :)

I am a strong believer that each and every person can do some good in the world. I also think that the world is malleable and if we act on our hopes, we can create a change we wish to see in it.

In fact, that is why I started GOJA yoga. Having spent a large part of my life volunteering in an educational peace organisation,

I experienced the need to pass on the lessons I learn. Through GOJA yoga, I merge my passions, hoping to create something of value not just to me but to you, too.

If I wasn't a yoga teacher, I'd be a professional dissector of plant-based foods... That should be a thing! Food is my biggest passion alongside yoga, and I enjoy filming and photographing life while developing plant-based recipes to feed the mind and soul.

If you want fun tips regarding sustainable living plus yummy, easy and affordable plant-based recipes,

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Why practise with me?


I have trained under Vinyasa Yoga Academy based in Rishikesh, India and got certified as a 200h yoga teacher in October 2020. I started practising yoga in 2014 but have been developing my own style for the past 4 years.


However, I did not love yoga at first... I loved movement but yoga was mysterious, tricky, unusual and it required focus. A lot of it.


Oh, how the tables have turned! Focus, concentration and breath are what I mostly teach these days. The first half of my life was spent on being a professional dancer so it took consistency and patience to understand how to stop performing, release my ego (work in progress) and show up as I am when I step on my yoga mat.


I put a lot of effort into making GOJA YOGA develop on the principles of social justice. I value and honour the traditions of yoga, while simultaneously including modern advances in neuroscience and anatomy to constantly learn and improve every session I host. Having participated in courses and workshops on neuroscience and yoga, as well as yoga therapy,
I am always on the lookout for new ways to be of better service to my co-yogis (aka you).


My philosophy is to truly teach what I practise, and that is why I keep my yoga down-to-earth while focusing on actionable steps to help make your life more peaceful and your everyday choices more aligned.

I created GOJA yoga because I lacked a space which would focus not only on me and my mat but also my relationship with others and the world. I try to use what I learn from yoga on the mat to help my students improve their health and wellbeing also off the mat.


Trust me though, this space is anything but preachy. Instead of trying to convince you about rights and wrongs of a yogic lifestyle,

I aim at making you feel welcome and comfortable on your mat. I want to facilitate your journey by guiding you through physical yoga flows, as well as offering you some tricks to live more peacefully, consciously and in a way that contributes to the bettering of the world. How does that sound?


In the meantime,
flow with me on YouTube!

Colorful feet in socks on a yoga mat during a yoga class

And you know what... if there is one way to describe my teaching style, it is this:

You cannot teach a person anything.

You can only help them to find it within themselves

~ Galileo

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