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  • I think I'm not flexible/strong enough for yoga. Are these classes intense?
    Ahhh, you're just *perfect* for yoga, you'll see! I adjust my classes every single time to the capacities of my fellow yogis on the other side of the screen. That is why I really recommend turning on your camera. Come and see :)
  • If I join online, do I have to turn on my camera?
    Not at all! But why wouldn't you take the benefit of being corrected so that your practice is safe and helpful for you? :) When I see you, I can support you better!
  • Will other people be able to see me?
    Yes and no! Hm, let's put it this way... when you practise with a teacher online, who do you look at? The teacher or other yogis? Yeah - same! You can *technically* see the little squares with silhouettes moving but as you focus on your own practice and following the teacher, you barely have time to notice anyone else. Same goes for all of us!
  • I've already purchased a class/a package of classes but I don't want it anymore. Can I get refunded?
    Unfortunately once the payment is posted, it cannot be returned. But go ahead and send me a private message, we will most likely figure out a way so that you don't lose your money :) For more, read my Terms & Conditions.

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GOJA JOGA NIP: 527-298-80-11

Sokołowska 11/7, Warsaw Poland


phone: +48 662 319 125

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