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so you're curious about the 25th April workshop?

here's what to expect:

  • a well-rounded, 50-min active yoga class that will be a full-body workout (and likely a workout for the mind, too!)

  • a 20-min guided meditation practice which will help you find gratitude as you appreciate yourself and those around you

  • a 20-min well-instructed but also easy and flexible to add your own ingredients cookie bake-along

  • heaps of fun!!!

purchase access for 10€

or invite a friend/family member so that each of you

gets a discount and enters for 8€

Register for the LIVE workshop!
Sunday 25th April, 1.30 - 3.00 pm CEST

Yuhuuu, that went fast!

I will be in touch shortly so be sure to check your email inbox today!

Workshop Registration
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