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14 days to Freedom

online membership

Start with a self hug

On and Off the mat

What does it mean to

PRACTISE yoga off the mat?


Take your yoga practice away from the mat.

Learn about different limbs of yoga.

Any day, wherever you are!

Beyond Asana

Do you always include

Sun Salutations on the mat?


Asana is familiar, beautiful and useful but...

can you also try something new?

Join practices inspired by Movement!

Neuro Yoga

Neuro Yoga

What's the role of brain in physical activity?


Join to test on yourself!

Explore drills to increase your bodily awareness, range of motion in movement

and overall feeling of safety

Asana + Dhyana

Can you move & meditate

at the same time?

Practices based on yogic traditions.

Applied to your everyday life.

Your chance to become your OWN yoga teacher.

As always: on and off the mat.

Meditation (Dhyana)

Who is it for?

Anyone who is open to practise yoga on and off the mat!

Also makes a great gift for someone you love :)

Offer yourself or someone a piece of peace...

Every day. Until December 18th.

It's a price of a coffee and a cake = 39 PLN for all 14 videos.

You will not be charged at checkout, so go ahead enjoy the first video

while you wait for a confirmation email with payment details.

Why 14 days to Freedom?

People say we can "do" yoga. I think we can practise yoga. All parts of it, not just the Asana. I learn from various teachers, movement practitioners, doctors and other professionals in the field of neuroscience to bring you curated video sessions where you will find something for yourself any day.

Freedom on the mat,

Freedom off the mat

Each practice is unique. Just like you. Adjust to your needs as you go. Lots of variations offered.

A practice to bring you closer to being your OWN yoga teacher.


Learn lessons on the mat,

apply them off of it.

Ready to give it a go?

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