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Everything I've wanted to say

My calendar marked today as the first day of spring

Yet, I don't feel like the world is blooming

I feel like the world is full of anxiety, tired thoughts, worn-out hopes

It feels like we are in a limbo struggling to get by

It's overwhelming and we decide to focus on the negative

Because we can then be "prepared" for what's coming next

Try putting your attention to the positive,

and you lose the grip.

It seems inescapable.

We are drowning in negative news,




So how do I remain hopeful?

Where does my drive come from?

How do I continue to show up for others?

The answer is as simple as this:

Every single day I make an active effort

to show myself I care for myself.

I've learned that I can help others only when I don't feel burnt out but rather powerful, empowered and ready to pass on the power.

  • I care for the commUNITY because I care for myself.

  • I share with others because I know I am part of them.

  • I listen to people around me because I want to be heard, too.

  • I remain open and check myself because I wish others would, too.

It would be a lie to say I see the world through rose-tinted glasses. I meeeean, not to mention how dismissing and disgustingly privileged that would be. The world is a messy place. The past decade has put us all to test which we keep failing every time a calendar marks a "New Year".

Each year we hear news of the hottest summer, most recent racist attacks, thousands people killed in/by authoritarian regimes ruled by egocentric and lost people, passed planetary tipping points, increasing femicide rates, loss of biodiversity, the most extreme floodings.

It seems to never, ever end.

And it may just be true. Humans might really be one of the species that do not want to stay alive and thrive.

But this post is not about the doom and gloom.

It's about your need to move with love, from a place of kindness, understanding and compassion. You start with self-compassion. Then you pass it on to others. You cannot pour from an empty cup. We all know that, yet somehow forget each time we push ourselves to "be productive", "work more", "work out more", "buy more".

The only way out is in.

If we can gift ourselves a practice of tranquil 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes in the evening, then we will be contributing to the bettering of the world. We are all connected, we are part of nature, we are one. Recognize that, and you'll be able to start approaching others with a bit more compassion and less nerve.


Could you take the next 10 min to breathe with me a little?

Click here for a free guided meditation practice.

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