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Something is better than nothing

It's true in sports.

In education.

In activism.

In yoga.

In... life.

Are you an adult? Do you have habits you wish you could get rid of? Why do you want that and are you actually ready to let them go?

Using the mantra "something is better than nothing" could help you get to where you want to be.

Whether that be in sports, in your life off the yoga mat or in your asana practice, it stays applicable. ALWAYS.

As humans we are creatures of habit, you've heard it a million times.

Yet, when it comes to creating new ones, you want immediate results. Or are you more on the side of "I will go all in" without expecting roadblocks? Either way, it's going to be immensely difficult to create any change if you push it.

Don't force it. Invite it in. HOW?

Here's a short & subjective list of small actions that can help make a difference

  • Saying "I get to" rather than "I have to" is a good start

  • Noting each time how you feel after you do the thing you want to do/stop doing the thing you don't want to do

  • Going back to that feeling when you don't want to do/stop doing that thing

  • Using quick and easy to repeat activities

Back in November, I developed a shoulder injury. It wasn't fun. I couldn't do the things I love to do......... buuut I still did then while wanting an easy and quick fix to the problem. Surprise surprise, it didn't come. It actually made it worse because I quickly stopped trying to "fix" it all together and just assumed that pain would stay with me from there on.

Now, after seeing a physiotherapist and some orthopedists, I have created a non-negotiable routine that literally takes 20 min each day and makes my back and shoulder feel SO. MUCH. HEALTHIER. It's possible. It takes practice. But it's possible. I've been doing it for 2 weeks only and I already see the results.


Reflect on a habit you'd like to develop. Then figure out 2 - 3 easy ways to make it super easy for yourself to incorporate it in your day.

Here are some examples:

  • If you want to start meditating, sit down everyday in a veeery comfortable position for 5 minutes only. Track how you feel. Play a recording or observe your thoughts and breath. It's hard. But it gets easier.

  • If you want to stop back pain, start each day with 5 - 10 min of easy stretches. Have a mat rolled out by the bed. Make it impossible to say NO.

  • If you want to use your phone less, use airplane mode whenever possible. Leave it before you go to the bathroom. Put it at least 2 metres away from you while you work.

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