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Why are you only doing 12.5% of the yoga practice?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The system of eight limbs, which are related and growing together as they form yoga, is often disregarded as something “too spiritual” for folks in the Western world.

UGH. This is such a misleading gif.

Yet, it's also the popular culture's perception of yoga! I could just finish the post right here and say: Okay if that’s your take on it, just do the asana and see where it takes you.

But! I would be doing you a disservice

You need to know that there is more to yoga than the physical poses and transitions which yes, include lots of breathing, and yes, strengthen the body - but that is just a fraction of what yoga really is.

To me, the most important aspect of it is finding peace within so that I can share it outwards.

When you are at ease with yourself,

you can pass it on to others

And as you learn to pass it on, naturally you move beyond the physical asanas on your mat. Tadaaa! That is already the first step. When I think about moving beyond asana, I always think about social justice.

Social justice is at its core a practice of taking care of everyone’s necessities so that they are met not as per “equal” terms but rather according to what each and every single person actually needs.

And that is where yoga can be of immeeeense help.

So how can you embody yoga in your life?

For example, try sitting in stillness for 10 min, 10 days in a row and see how your perspective after that short period of time changes. As you embody another aspect of yoga off the mat... Are you less hasty? More grounded? Less irritable? More grateful? I bet.

That’s why it’s important to practise more than the asanas. We can all do that. And uffff will the world be a safer place when we do!

I want to offer you a short guided meditation to try. No expectations, just play it and see how it goes.

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