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Small group & constant support in this 8 week programme!

  • Started 13 Sept
  • 330 Polish zlotys

Why choose this class?

I was a yoga newbie once. It's weird. You don't know what to expect. You see yoga online and think "wow, I could never" or "that looks weird". And yet, you're drawn to it. You've heard so much about people's positive experiences or are looking for a way to get more mobile, stronger, while also getting your mind to relax. Awesome! You might've just found the right course. But beware: some of us come to this practice thinking that we will do handstands and splits, yet others think that sitting crosslegged is woo woo. Well... :) I usually say - it may be. However, I want to respect yogic traditions and practices, and share with YOU what I've learned thanks to them. So yes - it may be, but tell me what you think after the 8 weeks have passed. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I've had lots of people come to my sessions with fresh perspectives and little expectation. Best thing a teacher might get except... they thought they needed to be flexible and know how to meditate already! And that made their choice to join the class sooo pushed. I want to assure you: you don't have to be anything or do anything before you join. Beginnings are annoyingly hard and we usually are uncomfortable being a novice. So instead of feeling like the odd one out, instead of thinking "ooof am I doing this correctly, how should I breathe, where are my shoulder blades?", you can join this 8 week programme to... 🌻 immerse yourself in the practice 🌻 become part of a community 🌻 learn in a safe environment while you question the ways we do things. If you're new to yoga or looking for well-guided sessions focusing on fundamentals, THIS IS IT. We will practise Asana (poses), we will learn to breathe consciously (through Pranayama), we will understand where our bodies are in space (through improved proprioception) and will even try to meditate (Dhyana) together. Join us to see how empowered and peaceful yoga can make you feel. But don't trust my words, experience it while we practise.

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To cancel or reschedule, please make sure you do it via the website or contact me personally no later than 2 hours prior to the beginning of the class. Thank you for your understanding :)

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  • Sokołowska 11/7, Warsaw, Poland