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Join Pincha Mayurasana

Saturday, 18th February 2023

10.30 - 13.00

Grab your early bird ticket:

89 PLN (book by 5th Feb)

regular price: 100 PLN

Start with a self hug

On and Off the mat

What does it mean to

PRACTISE yoga off the mat?


Take applicable lessons from this workshop

to practise yoga off the mat, too

Beyond Asana

Partnering work

and free movement


Experience the community,

get fully immersed in the practice and in your body

Neuro Yoga

Neuro Yoga

What's the role of brain in physical activity?


Join to test on yourself!

Explore drills to increase your bodily awareness, range of motion in movement

and overall feeling of safety

Open level

Do you need to practise Asana to join in?

Not at this workshop! I'll offer you variations and opportunities to FEEL rather than push yourself into any inversion. It's an invitation to MOVE - not to "perform" a pose!

Yoga Asana on the mat during the Warsaw Wellness Festival

Who is it for?

Anyone who is open to practise yoga on and off the mat!

Also makes a great gift for someone you love :)

Offer yourself/someone a chance to explore backbends safely with a group of like-minded folks in an open, compassionate environment 

See what others said about

the GOJA YOGA Workshops:

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Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 17.26.29.png

Why this workshop?

People say we can "do" yoga. I think we can practise yoga. All parts of it, not just the Asana. I learn from various teachers, movement practitioners, doctors and other professionals in the field of neuroscience to bring you engaging, well-rounded workshops that teach you more than the positions through the physical practice.

Freedom on the mat,

Freedom off the mat

Each workshop is unique. Just like you. We ALWAYS adjust it to your needs. That's why spots are limited.

Book yours and get a step closer to being your OWN yoga teacher.


This time, we will explore inversions, and specifically: PINCHA MAYURASANA. It's a great Asana to help you understand what needs to get activated in the body and how to utilise your breath to ease into the pose.

Ready to give it a go?

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