while you're at home...

Try my live
​online classes

Home practice is my favourite.
​Wearing whatever I want, sipping warm tea
and being in familiar surroundings

feels like a hug to my soul.

​If you're anything like me or simply want to spend time really loving your body, mind and soul

​from the comfort of your home, 
​these live online classes are what you need!

Live yoga class online with GOJA JOGA

Which one will you choose today?


Best for first-timers

Unsure if my classes are your style or

if committing to yoga is right for you?
I get it, try an individual class,
see how you like it.

Develop a routine

Struggling to keep coming back to your yoga mat? I've been there - it's tough.

Use these 4 classes to create a habit
of showing up weekly!

Commit to the practice

Already doing yoga and looking to advance

in your practice? It makes total sense,
having more classes to join each week
can help you achieve that.


Get your package now

  • 1 ONLINE Session

    New around here or can't commit to a regular practice?
    Valid for one month
    • keep your schedule, fit a yoga class whenever you can
    • try any class you want
    • get it now, book within 1 week
    • short commitment = more flexibility
  • Best Value

    8 ONLINE Sessions

    Using this membership, choose how often you join each week
    Valid for 2 months
    • create space for a consistent yoga routine during each week
    • learn new movements, asanas and transitions weekly
    • get stronger and more flexible
    • unlock free flows and constant evolvement in your practice
  • 4 ONLINE Sessions

    Choose this membership to develop a habit of weekly yoga!
    Valid for one month
    • join one class a week
    • see how your body + mind change and grow stronger
    • explore and play with a new body area each month
    • no more remorse, learn to be grateful for showing up

By purchasing the 4 classes membership (valid for 1 month), you agree to be charged automatically as the membership is billed to your credit card/Paypal account at the beginning of each subscription period until you cancel.

See you on the other side... 🌻