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Yoga teaches activism

Here's a poem I wrote back in 2020.

It felt very raw back then,

it doesn't feel like that anymore.

I've done a solid amount of talking rather than writing since then.

Yet letting the words out in a written form has always felt kathartic.

So I'm leaving this here.

Maybe it resonates with you.

No title poem, June 2020

I’m sick and tired

I’m sick and tired of y’all telling me that I care too much

That I want too much

That I’m being naive thinking I can change the world,

That I can change others’ minds

I’m lost and I’m fragile,

But I’m also the strongest I’ve ever been

I have a passion and I have a purpose, I want to serve,

I’m on the very edge of bursting like a bubble

But I am also inside my bubble

Where each of us is,

I’m no better than you

And you’re no better than me,

We are created equal, and should remain equal,

But how can we remain something we have never been in the first place?

I’m sick and tired of you telling me to take things slowly

I’m sick and tired of you saying that there are other things I should be worrying about right now

I’m sick and tired of your words of support

I’m not actively trying to suffer

I hate suffering

But I hate injustice even more

And no, I cry not as a symbol of

I cry in the mornings, and I cry at night

I cry while we have breakfast,

And when you hold me tight

I cry because I care

And I care because I live

I live to be here for others, not for personal gains

I think that Gandhi said it right: real happiness comes from being there for others,

Think about a moment you gifted someone

and saw their smile

That felt pretty dang good, didn’t it?

I cry, as I write this,

I cry as I scream, I stay silent, I listen

I am sick and tired of this twisted system we’re in

I am doing my best, and have been doing just that,

But that is not enough, and

I cry because I’m tired

No, no, I’m not tired, I’m


I’m having difficulties coming to terms with my close ones not caring as much as I do

But I don’t think I care too much

I’m sick and tired of you trying to press that thought on me

I care just enough, if anything, I care too little

I’ve cared too little my entire life

I thought I could educate, but here I am, unaware of anything

I am here in my blissful ignorance, being lucky and fighting my own privilege even

Though you are trying to tame it

I hate this twisted system but I love the Planet Earth

I hate that we are all divided but I love that we are all here

I hate that we have to have this conversation

And that I can’t help but cry

But I cry for the broken hearts, because I am aching inside

I cry because I can’t do this no more,

I cry because I care

And I care because we’re all human, and every human should care

This is not a story about me

Yet I’m becoming a subject of it,

I try to silence my crying

Even if it is pushing me through

This is not about me, nor is it about you, it is about all of us - HUMANS.

None of the things that happen to your brother

are things that couldn’t happen to you

None of the things that he has to suffer,

are things that you wouldn’t suffer from, too

But you are here, and he is there,

For he was born different from you

You are both human, blood pumping in your veins

Both wanting a happy, safe childhood

Adventurous teenage years

Being able to tranquilly walk your neighbourhood

You both want love, acceptance and peace

And I will not pause, this is not about being at ease

I am sick and tired of having to explain myself

Why I cry

Why I care

Why I won’t stop standing up and speaking up

Why I call myself out

And why I will call you in time and time again

It is time to get uncomfortable

You can learn a lesson I learned

Thank yoga

Become comfortable in the feeling of being uncomfortable

Learn to let go,

Learn to listen and

Open your heart

For when you open your heart, you let out love and let in peace

We need more compassion,

More people who care,

I don’t want to scream anymore,

I want you on my side, you there?!

If you feel attacked,

Let that sink in

Why do you feel attacked?

Open up, speak up,

I am here, I want to hear you

Let us work together to fix this

One person makes a difference, but they cannot make the difference

Let us connect, let us share love, let us feel sorrow and let us act on the black squares we have all posted while being suddenly swept off of our feet by the immense wave of anger, outrage and real talk from all people, from all over the world,

From people, your brothers and sisters, all created equal.

Let. us. connect.

We are one. We are a CommUNITY.

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